The vet confirmation is just a form for the vet to sign to say your dog is okay to have Canine Bowen. This is normal practice for anyone working on dogs including physios and hydro therapists. ๐Ÿ˜Š

Has your dog seen the vet in the last six months? If so that's great and we can just get the forms signed.

If your dog hasn't seen the vets in the last six months, please can you take for a check-up along with the printed off confirmation form. Please get in touch with me if you require more information regards this.

Page 1 of the form is a letter to the vet asking him to sign the form on page 2 re Canine Bowen.
On this page owner is to please fill in name of vet and owners name and address. Please give to the vet, the vet can keep this page.

Page 2 is the actual vet confirmation form, there is a part for you and your vet to fill in, this is the form l need back signed ready for your dogs first Canine Bowen Session.

Pages 3 and 4 are about Canine Bowen and the vet can keep.


Common conditions treated

Dog allergies | skin conditions | arthritis | muscular sprains and strains | hip and elbow dysplasia and back problems, stress and anxietyRelaxation for rescue and re-homed dogs | Working and Competition dogs | Pre and post op surgery to assist recovery.

There are many other conditions not listed here that Bowen Canine Therapy can assist with,
please contact us to discuss your dogs needs.

Paws for Bowen

Helping your dog enjoy life...

Dawn Pembridge - Canine Bowen Practitioner

07834 769632

Areas covered: Central and West London, Middlesex, Surrey and Berkshire

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