My name is Dawn Pembridge and I am a qualified Canine and Human Bowen Therapist.

I trained in Bowen Therapy 8 years ago after being successfully treated for a 10 year back problem with only 3 sessions of Bowen! This amazing therapy helped me when no other therapy could. Then I found out there was Bowen for dogs! I decided to learn this fab therapy to help my beloved Shepherd dog Neo like it had helped me!

Neo, was diagnosed with hip dysplasia at 12 months of age. For years we managed his condition with joint supplements, pain killers and hydrotherapy all of which helped but he was stiff with osteo arthritis and I wanted to be able to help him myself with Bowen.

Neo was my first canine case study and after only 2 sessions he was able to climb back on to his favourite sofa which he had been unable to do for a year, it was amazing to see! His coat improved with no more flaky skin, his allergies disappeared and he also had more energy, getting his zest for life back.

Dawn Pembridge Canine Bowen Therapist

About Canine Bowen Technique

This modality is based on the principles of the human Bowen Technique, a successful human therapy named after it's developer, Tom Bowen from Australia.

​Its adaptation in the UK for use on dogs was started in 2001 by Bowen therapists Sally and Ron Askew.

Paws for Bowen

Helping your dog enjoy life...

Dawn Pembridge - Canine Bowen Practitioner

07834 769632

Areas covered: Central and West London, Middlesex, Surrey and Berkshire

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